Solutions as diverse as their fields of application

We are your electronics partner for equipping devices and installations with modern input, control and regulation units, ranging from convenient, capacitive touch operation to standard control units, through to complex process control. We provide you with reliable and high-performance electronics, from analysis to development, through to serial production.

Touch technology

Switches, levers and knobs belong to the past. The principle of capacitive touch technology enables display and control panels to be protected behind glass, acrylic or plastic surfaces in an hygienic and user-friendly manner.

With the touch of the finger, the sensor field underneath is changed, triggering a switching signal.
The closed surface proves advantageous in every respect. As there are no mechanical wear parts, it is sturdy and durable. The electronics are protected and the surface is hygienic and easy to clean as well as resistant to dirt, heat, humidity or vandalism.

Glass-touch technology also allows for state-of-the-art product design – classy, compact and extremely functional.
The special benefit of this is that we can individually and cost-effectively build on existing product development stages.

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  • Customised front panels (display/touch sizes/....)
  • Customised interface to the “customer”
  • Acoustic or coloured switching signals
  • Touch buttons or touchscreen display
  • Anti-reflective glass with various gloss values possible
  • Chemically or thermally tempered glass possible

Level sensors

DEN is a capacitive level control without contact to the filling medium and is successfully used on containers for fill-level detection, position detection and monitoring. As there is no contact with the filling medium, this concept is well suited to aggressive, viscous or adhesive media.


It is now quick and easy to change containers because connecting pieces or screw fittings on the container can be dispensed with!


Industrial controllers


Our range of controllers features standard controllers and customised solutions for measuring, controlling and regulating temperature, pressure and other physical quantities.

Our standard controllers come with the technical specifications that you request as well as the desired construction and installation shapes. You receive controllers with large LED displays or interactive graphic displays.

We are also happy to develop and manufacture customised solutions according to your specific needs and, of course, with your logo as an OEM product for serial use in your plants.

Click here for a detailed overview of our standard controllers.


We are also happy to develop and manufacture customised solutions according to your specific needs and, of course, with your logo as an OEM product for serial use in your plants.


Solar tracking

Tracker control units for single or dual-axis solar tracking, DOLD-STC01 and DOLD-STC02. These can be used to optimally direct photovoltaic modules towards the sun, resulting in a 30 to 40% increase in electricity yield compared to fixed modules.


The control unit can be configured for the desired application using a PC via a bus system or via the control panel. The separate control panel, here with dimensions of 96 x 96 x 65 mm with graphic display, serves as a manual control for the start-up procedure and for flexible configuration and parameterisation. Dold also offers solutions for facades or retractable roofs.

  • Determining the sun’s position using GPS coordinates
  • Tracking
  • No shadowing
  • Central control unit
  • Group management
  • Self-contained elements

Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)

We deliver the complete contract manufacturing of electronic assemblies, devices and systems - from PCB assembly to test concepts to device assembly. The complete development and software is also available from us. We also like to tie in with your existing processes.

  • E by SIPLACE pick-and-place machine
  • Wave soldering machine, reflow soldering machine
  • Manual assembly

  • Zero series/model/prototype
  • Series production
  • Cable assembly
  • Optical inspection QUINS
  • Function tests

  • Individual test adapter

  • 1 and 2 components adhesive

  • Complete assembly of all components or partial assembly
  • Identification plate/label printing
  • Final inspection

  • Materials procurement
  • Disposition
  • Storage

  • Project planning (PCB layout, case, front, ...)
  • Conception
  • Encumbrances/specifications
  • Packaging design
  • Documentation
  • Engineer standards/approvals

Software development for WINDOWS and LINUX
We deliver the appropriate software for measurement data acquisition, logging and visualisation of process regulation, control and monitoring. Remote maintenance functions via an analogue modem and many other useful functions, such as printing labels for batch labelling, are integrated. Development of multilayer PCBs with the smallest possible BGAs and the latest ARM controllers.

  • Assembler
  • C / C++ /
  • Visual C
  • Among other things

Hardware development

  • Circuit creation
  • Printed circuit board layout
  • Device design